Following each week's program, River Lake Inn offers a unique special soup and sandwich feature sure to be perfect for a Sunday supper and to add additional interest and enjoyment to your Sunday evening. Sunday's soup & sandwich selections for each week are listed in the program schedule below.

To participate in the Sunday Supper Club, one must have a Sunday Supper Club membership.

Membership is just $20 per person for the full ten-week program. Membership fee covers the programs.
All meals, including soup and sandwich selections, are an additional expense. Our weekly soup and sandwich features cost somewhere around $12.95 depending on varying food costs to prepare them.

Guest fee of $5 per person and will require advanced reservations. Sign up for our email program (see home page) and you will received email announcements of all upcoming programs.

Since we have limited seating capacity for our Sunday programs, there is a limit of 50 memberships available on a first-come-first serve basis.

Please join us for this exciting Sunday Supper Club and sign up today. Call the restaurant (269) 432-2626, or stop by for a membership enrollment form.

As a Supper Club member, we will send you reminders of the upcoming season in late fall and send weekly email reminders throughout the series. If you have any questions, please be sure to let us know.

Join us this coming winter for these special programs!

Marv & Anita Bliss

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Edmund Fitzgerald Saga
Rick Sutton, will explore forty-three years of theories for why the Edmund Fitzgerald, the largest ship in the Great Lakes at the time, sank in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975 taking with it the entire crew of twenty-nine.

     Featured Sandwich:  Roasted Beef Romeso Sandwich
     Featured Soup:  Tomato Basil Soup

Sunday, January 14
Thank You for Not Discriminating!
Fred Jackson will share both personal and researched perspectives on the impact of our brains’ choice for hand-dominant and centuries of associated myths, stereotypes and obstacles of every day experience for so many.
     Featured Sandwich:  Classic Reuben Sandwich
     Featured Soup:  Roasted Garlic Soup

Sunday, January 21
Ever wondered how judges make decisions; what it is like to be a court judge; and,
what judges think about what they see and hear? Here’s your chance. Retired
Circuit Court Judge J. Richardson Johnson, will provide insights.
     Featured Sandwich:  Chipolte BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
     Featured Soup:  Vegetable Bean Soup

Sunday, January 28
The Magic of Prevention
James and Vicky Merrills, (national school speaker/mental health therapist) are service-oriented professionals with a background in substance abuse prevention and treatment, will share their experience and insight
     Featured Sandwich: Pesto Chicken Sandwich
     Featured Soup:  Cream of Asparagus Soup

Sunday, February 4
John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age
Author, Brian C. Wilson, PhD, sheds light on millionaire pioneer broadcaster, sports franchise owner, and businessman, John Fetzer’s life-long spiritual search. This talk is based on Wilson’s forthcoming book by the same title.
     Featured Sandwich: Buffalo Chicken Wrap
     Featured Soup: Tailgate Chili

Sunday, February 11
What Happens When You Surf the Web?
Most people don’t think twice about booting up their computer, opening up a browser, surfing to Amazon and buying something. Andy Low, an IT professional break down how the internet works and give you some simple tips on how to stay safe online.
     Featured Sandwich:  Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich
     Featured Soup: Kickin' Crab Chowder

Sunday, February 18
Red Terror in Kalamazoo
Historian, Tom Dietz, will tell the story of the Shakespeare Company employee strike of 1948 in Kalamazoo and how acts of vandalism triggered a post WWII fear that this was an act of Communist inspired insurgency.
     Featured Sandwich: Boston Perch Sandwich
     Featured Soup:  Creamy Four Onion Soup

Sunday, February 25
What Makes Cities Lovable?
Architect, Frank Lucatelli, will discuss how well-loved cites are designed and built using principles of urban planning and why careful blending of new construction with historic preservation creates interesting and livable cities.
     Featured Sandwich: Swiss Portobello Burger
     Featured Soup: Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Sunday, March 4
Following Your Passions for a Lifetime
Local artist, recreational pilot and Veteran, Andrew Woodstock, will share his Artprize experiences and artwork, his life-long love of aviation and flight and some antidotes from his time in the Air Force. 
     Featured Sandwich: Gourmet Chicken Salad Sandwich
     Featured Soup: Toscana Soup

Sunday, March 11
Natural Diners
Marv and Carol Dembinsky will host a unique visual journey by way of ultra-high definition video to some of nature’s most interesting and unique eating experiences from the Florida Everglades to your own back yard.
     Featured Sandwich: Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich
     Featured Soup: French Onion Soup

River Lake Inn

Sunday Supper Club

River Lake Inn is once again delighted to offer our seventh annual season of the Sunday Supper Club.

The Sunday Supper Club will begin on Sunday, January 7, 2018 for ten consecutive Sundays until Sunday, March 11.

Each Sunday, we will offer a unique and informative half-hour program starting at 3:00 pm. Please see below for a complete listing of dates and weekly program topics.

Below is a listing of the 2018 Sunday Supper Club Program.

(269) 432-2626